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Net-Zero Analytics Calgary

Achieving Net-Zero Emissions through Expert Guidance & Proven Reduction Strategies

We are the go-to source for organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality. Our team of experienced professionals are knowledgeable in the latest technologies and strategies to help our clients meet their carbon reduction goals.

Supply Chain
Scope 3 Emissions Specialists

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Net-Zero Analytics provides a variety of consulting services that will help your company quantify and reduce indirect Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. We design and implement environmental strategies to help you minimize costs, optimize values, and implement innovative emissions reduction plans, regardless of where you are in your sustainability journey.

Net-Zero Analyitcs

An Analysis You Can Trust

01. Emission Measurement

Each task within your operation involves a series of steps, each of which carries an associated energy expenditure. Our role is to analyze these steps and determine the carbon footprint linked to each one. We are pleased to help you identify and quantify the carbon emissions originating from your organization's supply chain (Scope 3), encompassing all relevant categories.

02. Carbon Offset Development

Upon gathering carbon emission data, we adhere to local government guidelines and carbon emission factors to conduct your organization's carbon offset accounting in line with the established processes. This allows us to compare the results with predefined objectives. By implementing minor modifications to the existing process, the potential for maximizing offsets or credits can be realized.

03. Advisory & Assessment

At this stage, NZA relies on the conducted analysis and current emission factors to provide guidance to the organization regarding viable options for reducing or avoiding emissions linked to the supply chain (Scope 3). This phase involves an interactive exchange between the NZA consultant and the company's management (carbon accounting officer) with the aim of optimizing savings in the organization's daily operations while minimizing the associated carbon footprint and carbon tax.

Net-Zero Analytics

Clients We Served

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Marwan Alrubaye P.Eng. PhD.

President at Net-Zero Analytics

As President of Net-Zero Analytics, Marwan oversees the company's operations and leads a dedicated team focused on helping organizations achieve net-zero energy goals while contributing to global efforts to combat climate change. Net-Zero Analytics serves as a hub and platform for industries to identify their strengths, align their strategies, and effectively reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Process

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Scientific Approach Process Analysis


Protocols and Methodologies


Carbon Emissions Baselines


Propose Carbon Emissions Reduction Methods



Industries Served

Our scientific approach to identifying, measuring, analyzing, and emission reduction can be applied to almost every industry. We provide custom solutions for all of our clients, regardless of what industry.

Net-Zero Analytics Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Net-Zero Analyitcs


Net-Zero Analytics Renewable Technology

Renewable Technology

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