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Net-Zero Analytics

Our Services

At Net-Zero Analytics, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist organizations in reducing their emissions, developing effective strategies, and achieving carbon neutrality. Our expert team delivers tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each client. Our services can be broadly categorized as follows:

Net-Zero Analytics

Emissions Assessment

  • Process Mapping & Baseline Setting

  • Carbon Footprint Accounting

  • Corporate Carbon Footprinting

  • Lifecycle Assessments

  • Technology and Process GHG Emissions Assessments

Net-Zero Analytics

Emission Reduction Monetization

  • New Revenue Opportunity Evaluations

  • Scope-3 Carbon Emission Reduction Offset and Credit Reporting

  • Process Development for Emission Offsets and Potential Carbon Trading

  • Low Carbon Emission Fuel Score and Carbon Market Access

Net-Zero Analytics

Research Direction

  • Research and Development Proposal Writing

  • Research Project Direction and Management

Net-Zero Analytics

Emissions Reduction Strategy

  • GHG Emissions Reduction Planning and Management

  • Building Efficiency Modeling

  • Carbon-Neutral and Net-Zero Pathway Plans

  • Design and Implementation of Emissions Inventory Processes and Measurement Frameworks

  • Stakeholder Engagement Guidance

  • Ongoing Emissions Reduction Support

Net-Zero Analytics

Government Grant Application Support

  • End-to-End Research Activity Management

  • Expert Guidance for Process/Product Development, Patenting, and Revenue Generation

Net-Zero Analytics

Emission Reduction Solutions

  • Emission Reduction Product and Technology Sourcing

  • Turn-Key Solutions

  • Process Supply Chain Optimization for Significant GHG Emissions Reduction

Net-Zero Analytics

White Paper Scientific Drafting

  • Comprehensive Study and Proof of Concept Documentation

  • Peer Review by Highly Qualified Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

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